Franchise Payments

Cupcakes Franchisee Requirements

Owning and operating a Cupcakes Retail Bakery can be exciting and very rewarding. Your passion, drive and perseverance are necessary prerequisites as a franchisee, particularly during the startup period. Your success will depend upon your personal involvement, commitment and ability to follow the standards and philosophy created at Cupcakes.

The Cupcakes Franchise Agreement is a 10-year term.

Cupcakes considers the hiring process for potential franchisee’s a very serious step. In order to maintain the culture that Cupcakes and its brand are so well recognized for, Cupcakes has established the following minimum franchisee requirements:

• You must have a minimum of 2 years’ business and/or management experience
• You must be prepared to work full time in your store(s) with eagerness and enthusiasm (min 40 hrs/wk)
• You must be in good health; operating your own business can be physically and mentally demanding
• You must be willing to follow the systems and manuals provided to you by Cupcakes
• You must understand, appreciate and accept the role and relationship between the “Franchisor” and “Franchisee” partnership
In addition, every Franchisee must have, at a minimum, a satisfactory financial rating and the ability to finance the total capital investment, ongoing operating costs and working capital for the store as required.